Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Nice Suprise and a Short Rant

I know I mentioned that I passed my Comprehensive Exams for my Master's program a couple months ago, and I did actually graduate (in the hottest temperature on record for that date - absolutely freaking miserable) about 3 weeks ago.

Well yesterday B and I left to go to a BBQ at a friend's house and we stopped at my parents on the way to help them with some furniture. But SURPRISE we were really going to the graduation party B and Mom organized. It was so sweet and I had no clue. It was my very first surprise party ever! Thanks everyone.

On to the Rant. B's mom offered to pick up cake and B very thoughtfully asked her to get a vegan one as well. (Aside: when he double checked with her that the cake had no dairy or eggs, she indicated that she thought vegan was a flavor. I laughed my ass off when I heard that story.) Anyway, so there was a vegan cake and a regular cake for the party.


There is NO reason ANY cake should EVER be that BAD. I swear it is that kind of crap that gives veganism a bad rap. B's mom asked me to try it before she had to leave. I took a bite and then the dog got the rest (luckily Mrs. B's feelings are not easily hurt and she found my reaction entertaining). I pointed out that all the cupcakes I had made for Grandpa B's birthday party were vegan and everyone loved them. They were good by any standard. And that, my friends, should be our standard. Food should not be "good, for a vegan...". I realize tastes and preferences vary and obviously some of us like the taste of "healthy" things more than others. But for the love, if you are actually selling something, or even serving it to other people, it should actually taste good. I am not going to eat crap simply because it is vegan. If you can't make or find an acceptable alternative to an animal product either modify your recipe, or make something that doesn't require it. Just because I choose (or for some people due to allergies or religious reasons can't) eat animal products does not mean I am willing to eat flavorless, tough, ugly food. SERIOUSLY.

That is all. End Rant.

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