Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chewing My Cud

B's been out of town the last few days so I've just been cooking for myself. This size salad is pretty much what dinner has been the last three nights. That's a 9 cup tupperware. No joke it has taken me three hours every night to eat it. Good thing I can eat at my desk around working. I think I've met my fruit and vegetable quota for the day... just maybe. This one is a Thai "chicken" salad based on a salad at one at my favorite local hippie restaurant. I used soy curls for the "chicken" and my Thai peanut sauce blended with silken tofu for the dressing. Other than that it is just a boat load of veggies and some raisins (sounds weird but totally works).  It is basically an excuse to eat peanut sauce, let's be honest. 

I have pretty much gone for three days with almost no grains of any sort (soup for lunch, smoothie for breakfast, fruit for snacks). It has been cleansing, especially since I would pretty much turn into a loaf of sourdough bread if left to my own devices most of the time. Mmm bread...

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Tara said...

A huge salad sounds good to me! I'm often guilty of eating salads as an excuse to eat yummy dressing as well. :)