Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Growing Things

While I have direct-sowed a number of crops in the garden for the past couple years, this is the first time I've grown plants from seed that need to be started before being put in the garden. I'm excited, as starting from seed will allow me to grow a much greater variety of plants. I'm also hoping to use this to method to allow me to succession sow more intensively. 

A Few Starts
 Greens (I don't know what kind... I may or may not have gotten tired of labeling at that point and just thrown seeds in pots...)

 More greens.

 A herb, I think.




We're using a variety of pots, including saved ones from previously purchased plants and peat pots I found at the dollar store, but the majority are in paper pots Bri made for me. They are a bit delicate at first, but once you've got everything in and watered a couple times the paper stiffens, almost like paper mâché and holds up well. 

Where the Seeds Grow
 Bri built me a fantastic set of seed starting shelves. Right now I'm starting everything outside and seeing how that goes. It was very promising, however I am in a vicious battle with earwigs, and I think they are now viewing the seedlings as snacks. If you have secrets for dealing with the evil little living tweezers, please drop them here.

Bri is now working on a cold frame (upcycling some of our old windows), as the peppers and eggplants seem to be cooling their toes until it is warm enough for their liking. They are the only seeds yet to sprout, besides a couple of herbs. Anything that doesn't come up in the next week I'll reseed.

The bees are making more bees! 

Spring has sprung! What's growing at your house?

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