Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ummm... right...

So yay for starting the blog I've been meaning to start... and then realizing that neither B nor myself knows where the card reader is to download photos (B: it's somewhere in the house! ... sooo helpful). But good news: I ordered a new one and it should be waiting for me when I get home! I've been taking pictures, so there is lots of food to get you caught up on - be prepared to be overwhelmed with yummyness :o)

In the mean time some delicious news: B and I got this on Sunday and I'm one happy girl (I've coveted one for ages, and after a lot of research and discussion, we choose this one and finally bought it)! I'm sure it will come up occasionally in recipe preparation; I'll be sure to let you know if you can use another appliance - most things will work without a high-powered blender, they just will have a slightly different consistency and/or require a bit more time.

Banana Chocolate Shake (pretend you're impressed - I swear the recipes will get more substantial!)
(2 large servings or 4 small)
I made this for a couple of friends to inaugurate our new appliance.

1/2 cup hemp milk
2 tbsp agave nectar
1 ripe banana
1/3ish cup vegan chocolate chips (I use Trader Joe's semi-sweet)
2 small handfuls raw cocoa nibs
2 cups ice (more or less to reach desired consistency)

Put in blender in that order and whirl until smooth. If you're using a "regular" blender you may want to add more hemp milk or water and start with less ice initially. Drink. YUM.

This turned out reallllly chocolaty. I think next time I'll cut down the chocolate chips to 2-3 tablespoons. I'd like to try making this totally raw, omit the chips, find raw agave nectar and make my own milk, but that's for another day.

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