Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back and Tan

We're back from a week of fun and sun (and dirt) camping in northern California. We stopped on the way up for a day in North Fork, a little town on the south side of Yosemite, to visit B's great aunt and uncle (one of my most favorite people ever). We then spent a week camping and boating with my family just north of Grass Valley.
We got to spend some time with my aunt and uncle who live in Nevada City and have some rockin' root beer at their restaurant Big A's Root Beer Drive-In in Grass Valley. You must stop in if you are ever in that area. They make their own root beer and it is awesome. They also have a huge menu, with plenty of things that you can veganize with addition/subtraction ordering (or just order any of the seveal french fry options - yum).
On my aunt's recommendation we checked out a new "hippie" store in Grass Valley called the BriarPatch Co-op, which was fantastic. I WANT ONE!!! The produce was beautiful, organic, and mostly local. They listed all their local suppliers and what fresh items came from each. They have a good variety of vegan products. Their bulk section was especially wonderful, nearly everything was organic and they had some things that I've never seen in a bulk section like agave, Dr. Bronner's, and laundry soap, and the most extensive bulk spice selection I've ever seen outside a speciality store. To be fair, this was the first co-op I've ever been in, and I was immediately smitten. If you live in the area I encourage you to support them, you don't have to be a member to shop there. If you are passing through it would be a great place to stop in to restock on snacks or grab a bite to eat (they have a prepared hot and cold foods section, seveal dishes of which were veg), definately better than the quickie-mart!
I have seveal things that I made for the "week of camping with omni's" to share with you forthcoming. Additionally, B built me a beautiful raised garden last month and I've finally got some stuff planted (although, a fair amount of it still looks empty). He kept a obsessively detailed photo essay of how he built it, so I'll be posting some of that here. Hope you had a great first week of August!


Anonymous said...

Your new favorite aunt and uncle? Excuse me, I thought we were your favorite aunt and uncle. Since we are in Colorado, out of sight out of mind? Love your website. And the pictures of your wet vacation were great fun. I'm also glad you think Omni's are hilarious. It is the toxins. Wish we were next door so we can see you more than twice a year. And you know you are always welcome to spend time with us in Colorado. As always, much love, uncle Randy (remember me?)

Lily Girl said...

Hey now, I didn't say he was my only favorite person, just one of them! I wish you were next door too, I miss you! (Who knows, if I get accepted and matriculate to Colorado State I'll be a heck of a lot closer than I am now! We shall see.)