Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Review: Surviving the First Week

I think this method is a keeper. Our meals this past week were far more varied than normal, which was a combination of the menu and my efforts to cook smaller quantities. I have a tendency to cook enough for a small army, which means we end up eating the same soup every day for a week. I love soup, but even I start to get bored. Even though I had a plan for each meal I found that I did not always eat what I planned. A couple times I either was not awake or was not hungry so a meal (breakfast or lunch) got skipped. And I forgot the salad I meant to make at least once. I also did not get around to a few of my "to-do's" so those got moved to this week.

Here's this week's menu: (click on it to enlarge)
Key to Abbreviations: HM = homemade, HG = homegrown, LO = leftovers

My cousin asked me for ideas for incorporating more fermented foods into her diet, so to start tonight's dinner is Tempeh Taco Salad. It is a really easy, really healthy meal that is a great way to ease people in to tempeh; check back tomorrow for the recipe.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!



Did you make the meal template yourself? I would love to start using.

Lily Girl said...

VT - yes id did make the template. I couldn't find anything I really liked so I just made my own. If you'd like it I'm happy to send it to you, just shoot me an email (on my blogger profile page) :o)