Saturday, April 28, 2012

Independence Days Challenge for the Last Week of April

Moonglow tomato, from an over-wintered plant. I love this variety.

Plant something: nothing, but I also didn't kill any of my starts either, so that's a plus.
Harvest something: strawberries, eggs, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, lemons, tangelos, grapefruit, tomatoes
Preserve something: strawberry jam, chicken stock (from frozen bones and feet)
Waste not: kitchen scraps to the compost, egg shells saved for birds, canning scraps to chickens (plants) and cats and dog (meat)
Want not: picked up my Azure Standard order - poultry feed, bulk honey, frozen cherries, bulk dried apples, white rice
Eat the Food: preserves, kale, chard, eggs, lettuce, strawberries. I also started making a diligent effort to eat through the freezer so we also had a number of things pulled from there.
Build community food systems: continued work on the church garden and on Earth Day we planted the beneficials/pollinators flower bed as a congregation
Skill up: nothing

Look - a salad!

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