Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garden Update

The garden has gotten completely out of control. This lovely flower is out of what I thought was napa cabbage. After all, that is what I had sowed in that square... but then it bolted before it really produced anything. The bees like it and I like bees, so I've let it stay and now it is enormous. It has grown over the arugula, which is also out of control.

We took out two of the four tomato plants a month or so ago. The remaining two are still (!) producing some tomatoes (good flavor, but kind of mealy) and putting out foliage and flowers despite repeatedly cutting them back to try to encourage them to ripen the fruit they do have.

Here is a shot of the whole garden. Those enormous towering things in the back are the tomatoes.

I got a few cilantro plants (coriander) to come up from seed. Well, it bolted in a big hurry, despite the cool weather, and is now huge and flowering. I'm letting it go to seed so I can collect them. Incidentally, I highly recommend buying whole coriander seeds and grinding them yourself if you need powder, the flavor difference is unreal. When we have our own property I hope to have a big herb garden and harvest most of my own dried coriander seed (as well as other herbs and spices).

These are my two Swiss Chard plants. On the left is Ford Hook Giant, on the right is the one Bright Lights plant that came up (that is the one this leaf came from). Both of these plants were started from seed.


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome garden! It looks well constructed!

-B :o)

the little one said...

Wow! That is an incredible garden!

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

You are a great resource and your garden is beautiful! Please share more about bolting. What causes the herbs to bolt quicker, hot weather and what else?